At Silver Bullet Shredding we offer a number of plans to meet your document shredding needs. From small offices to large corporate customers and everything in between, our plans are also customizable.

Regular Scheduled Service Plans

A32 Gallon Cart$48
B65 Gallon Cart$60
C1 – 36″ Executive Console$48
D2 – 24″ Junior Consoles$48
E1 – 36″ Executive Console &
1 – 24″ Junior Console
F2 – 36″ Executive Consoles$60


Add Ons:

  • Additional Junior Console $15 each
  • Additional Executive Console $20 each
  • Additional 32 Gallon Cart $24 each
  • Additional 64 Gallon Cart $35 each


Rates shown above do not include fuel surcharge or GST.
Prices subject to change without notice.
Service Plan Rates are for new, first time customers only.

Locked Document Containers

We offer the following locked document containers for Regular Scheduled Service customers:

Secure Document Containers

At Silver Bullet Shredding, protecting your sensitive and confidential documents begins with choosing the right Secure Document Containers. From small home-based businesses to large organizations, we offer a range of lockable document containers to meet your document shredding needs.


Lockable Consoles

Our locked security consoles are a popular choice for professional offices. Made of a durable melamine finish, our consoles are attractive, space efficient, and will blend in nicely with most office furniture.

Junior Console

24” High x 22.75” Wide x 15.75” Deep
Paper Capacity: 55 to 60 lbs.

Executive Console

36” High x 22.75” Wide x 15.75” Deep
Paper Capacity: 90 lbs.

Lockable Collection Carts

Our lockable document wheeled carts are designed for the demands of everyday use. Made of high density polyethylene, these carts are durable and easy to handle. With a wide paper drop slot built into the lid and a lock to prevent the unauthorized retrieval of documents, our lockable document wheeled carts are ideal for a central photocopying area or warehouse environment.

32 Gallon Cart

37” High x 19.5” Wide x 21.5” Deep
Paper Capacity: 120 lbs

65 Gallon Cart

43” High x 24.5” Wide x 27.5” Deep
Paper Capacity: 225 lbs

Non-Regular Scheduled Service

For customers who only need us for a one-time purge of your sensitive and confidential documents, we offer the following on-site shredding service without any contracts or ongoing commitment.


Service Options

12 Standard Bankers Boxes or Photocopy Boxes

Basic Cost: $115.00

Additional Boxes/Carts
$6.50 each
Larger sized boxes will be adjusted in price

Boxes not at ground level will incur an additional labour surcharge:

Elevator Access:
$1 per standard bankers box or photocopy box

Stairs Only:
$2 per standard bankers box or photocopy box

2-65 Gallon Carts 

Basic Cost: $115.00

Additional Boxes/Carts
$45 each

Boxes not at ground level will incur an additional labour surcharge:

Elevator Access:
$7 per standard bankers  box or photocopy box

Details and Materials

Additional Details

  • Certificate of Destruction issued the next business day  
  • Payment due upon completion of the job  
  • 10% fuel surcharge and GST not included  
  • Pricing includes flattening and removal of empty boxes
  • 24 hours notice required to cancel a booking

Acceptable Materials

  • Paper Clips  
  • Heavy Duty Staples  
  • Bull Dog Clips  
  • Acco Fasteners  
  • Colour folders  
  • Books/Magazines

Non-Acceptable Materials

  • 3-Ring Binders  
  • Binding Cases  
  • Hanging File Folders  
  • Plastic Sheet Protectors  
  • Plastic Bags  
  • X-Ray Films

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a minimum charge to show up at our office?

We have a minimum charge of $115.00 which covers the first 12 standard size bankers boxes or photocopying boxes

Do you provide loaner bins? 

Unfortunately, we do not provide loaner bins. Just place your documents in boxes, totes, garbage bags or whatever   is convenient and we’ll take care of the rest. 

Do we have to remove staples or paper clips?  

No, typical binding materials such as staples, paper clips and bulldogs clips are all fine and do not need to be   removed prior to shredding.

Can you shred 3 ring binders?  

Although our shredders can handle 3 ring binders, our normal practice is to not put binders through to avoid   unnecessary wear and tear on the blades. Customers are expected to remove all documents from binders prior  to shredding.

Can we witness the destruction of our documents?  

Yes, of course. We have a screen attached to the side of our mobile shredding truck so that you can watch your   documents being destroyed.

What do you do with the shredded material?  

All of the shredded material is recycled at a local recycling facility. Every 2000 pounds of paper we shred saves 17  trees.

Do you service residential customers as well? 

Yes, we service residential customers as well. Whether you live in a house or a condo, we’ll take care of your   shredding needs.

Do you provide a Certificate of Destruction?  

Yes, every shredding job we do comes with a Certificate of Destruction which will be emailed to you the following  business day.

Is the shredding done on-site or do you take my documents off-site?  

We don’t take your documents off-site to be shredded elsewhere. Your documents are shredded right on-site in our  mobile shredding unit.

Are you a member of NAID? 

Yes, from day one we have been a member in good standing with the National Association for Information  Destruction (NAID). 

We have some old CDs, floppy disks, and VHS tapes. Can you shred these as well?  

We have the ability to destroy electronic media such as CDs, DVDs, Floppy Disks, as well as cassette and VHS  tapes. However, these are done separately at our warehouse.

Do we need to sign a contract for your Regular Scheduled Service?  

Yes, our Regular Scheduled Service contract is for a 2 year fixed term. A 3 month trial period permits you to cancel   the contract without penalty or fees if you change your mind.

What to Shred

Personal Information

  • Name
  • Address
  • Birth Date
  • Social Insurance Number
  • Driver’s License Number
  • Credit Card Information
  • Payroll Information
  • Banking Information
  • Medical Information
  • Employee Files and Notes
  • Passwords

Business Information

  • Customer Lists
  • Price Lists
  • Sales Reports
  • Sales Projections
  • Budgets
  • Proposals and Quotations
  • Invoices
  • Purchase Orders
  • Marketing Plans
  • Strategic Planning Reports
  • Pricing Strategies
  • Market Research Studies
  • Drafts of Contracts
  • Legal Contracts and Agreements
  • Inventory Records
  • Payroll Records
  • Corporate Income Tax Returns
  • Financial Statements
  • Investment Statements
  • Insurance Policies