The Benefits of Outsourcing


Most businesses that shred internally will often delegate the task to lower level employees since management level personnel are too busy and have more important responsibilities to look after. Without the proper training in privacy and security issues, employees often throw out sensitive business information that appears to have no value or importance.  Given the time pressures facing employees and the distaste most people have for operating office shredders, documents containing sensitive information will inevitably find their way into regular trash or recycling bins.

In the event of a privacy incident, complaint or audit, it is very likely that your firm will be asked to verify its compliance to privacy laws. For example, what policies and procedures does the firm have in place to safeguard and destroy personal information? Do you have records or documentation to prove compliance? Shredding in-house using your own office shredder provides no verifiable record of ongoing regulatory compliance. Using a professional shredding contractor provides you with a record or “paper trail” of regular compliance.


Many employees in small and medium-sized offices are overworked and overwhelmed with their daily tasks. Most office shredders are not designed to withstand the volume of documents generated in a typical small office.  They also jam frequently and cannot handle heavy duty staples, paper clips, Acco fasteners, and other binding materials. Our shredders will easily destroy staples, paper clips, and other binding materials including cerlox bound reports. With no mess, no noise, and no need to remove anything, the entire process is quick, efficient, and convenient.

Cost –Efficient

Outsourcing the document shredding needs of your business will save your company money. Our shredders can shred in minutes what it would take hours to do using your own office shredder. For example, a typical office shredder capable of shredding 20 lbs of paper per hour will take 4 hours to shred 80 lbs of paper or roughly the equivalent of three standard bankers boxes full of paper.  We can shred the same quantity in approximately 1 minute. Our service allows your employees to be more productive by focusing on their core responsibilities rather than wasting time feeding a few sheets of paper at a time into an office shredder.


Most businesses have space and storage issues. Shredding on a regular basis frees up valuable storage space and eliminates the need to purchase storage boxes or additional filing cabinets.  Apart from documents that have a legally required retention period, a regular shredding program will free up much needed space saving you money in the long run.