Silver Bullet Shredding believes that companies big and small can make a difference in protecting the environment. All of your shredded paper documents are taken to local facilities in Metro Vancouver for recycling. Each year, thousands of trees are saved through this process.

Silver Bullet Shredding has one of the most advanced, environmentally friendly shredding trucks in the industry. Our Shred-Tech MDS-26GTX meets strict new low emissions standards and operates on ULSD (ultra-low sulfur diesel) fuel or B5 Biodiesel fuel. Our mobile shredding unit is also equipped with a predictive idle feature that senses low shredder loads and shuts off the high engine idle when the shredder is unattended and the hopper is empty. Moments later the PTO and engine is automatically shut down. This smart feature results in lower fuel consumption and helps reduce the carbon footprint of the truck. When you choose Silver Bullet Shredding as your document shredding provider, you become our partner in protecting the environment.