Welcome to Silver Bullet Shredding

At Silver Bullet Shredding, secure, confidential document shredding is all we do.  That is our specialtyand that is what we’re good at doing.  We believe that because our core service offering is document shredding and not a smorgasbord of different services, it allows us to really understand our clients’ document shredding needs.  We don’t believe in a “one-size fits all” approach to your paper shedding needs.  Whether you have a staff of one hundred or just one, we’ll find the right solution just for you.  The flexible combination of plans we offer is one of the reasons we have become the “Go To” firm for small and medium-sized businesses in Metro Vancouver.  

Our clients have consistently told us that they value the knowledge and experience that we share with them as well as the professionalism that we exhibit.  We’re approachable, unpretentious, and unlike many firms, we don’t pretend to be bigger than we really are.  Now isn’t that refreshing? 


As a law firm, the safe destruction of our confidential information is of the utmost concern and we have every confidence in the service which Silver Bullet provides. Our first dealings with the firm was when they tackled the horror of our dead file storage locker and wrestled 10 years worth of ancient records into submission. It was a monumental job but was accomplished both efficiently and economically, and we have used them for our confidential document destruction needs ever since.  I am happy to recommend Silver Bullet to anyone.

Christopher G. Green | Greenway Legal Centre